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Benefits and uses of single dose container olive oil.

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The Olive oil is an essential food in our daily diet, the benefits of this liquid gold are so big so its consumption is not only reduced to the home but also outside.

In Envasados Productos Salud we adapt this traditional product to the new lifestyle of the consumer by packaging it in a convenient, practical and demanded format: the single-dose (PET bottles, sachets and tubs).

Advantages of the single-dose format for olive oil

The use of the single-dose format for olive oil and all types of oils is becoming increasingly common: in the restaurant and catering sector for take-away food, for example, or for the final consumer taking it to work to season his lunch.

This type of packaging, the single-dose, offers you great advantages both for the establishment and for the end consumer:

  • It guarantees that the product we consume is in perfect condition when we use it and that it has not been handled before consumption, it is more hygienic.

  • It preserves the quality, flavour and freshness of the product due to its single-dose packaging, preserving all the properties of a freshly opened oil.

  • Comfort to enjoy the product in a light package and with the suitable quantity to consume.

  • The single-dose format means a quantitative saving as the olive oil is not wasted.

  • The space occupied by this type of packaging is small so it can be taken anywhere.

  • The opening is easy and comfortable.

  • Format suitable for export.

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Uses of single-dose olive oil

What are the single-dose containers most used by establishments and consumers?

The sachet, the bottles and the tubs (link to formats) of different capacities each of them.

Catering and hospitality

The single-dose package is perfect for catering companies, hotels and hotel chains, so that the consumer can use it for breakfast, lunch and dinner: bread with olive oil, salads, pasta …


The single-dose pack is ideal for taking away from home. It is often used at work to dress lunch with your favorite sauces, dress salads, meals…

In Envasados Productos Salud we are convinced that the best format for your olive oil, vinegar, sauces… is the single-dose package, adjusting to the latest trends of current consumption.

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