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Third party packers: oils, vinegars, sauces

Productos Salud S.L. was founded in 1996 and began its exciting business project with the packaging of olive oil and vinegar in single dose for third partie.
Our high level of specialization has made us co-packers of the first national brands.

We have a wide range of miniature bottle formats in PET as well as glass, tubs and single dose containers. In all cases it is the customer himself who determines the sales unit, among other technical and logistical specifications.

As packers to third parties, in Envasados Productos Salud we take charge of offering a complete packaging service through the filling, capping, labelling, coding and personalization of the final product with the corporate identity of your company, leaving the goods ready for transport.

Our third party packaging service covers a wide range of food products, being able to package all those that fit with the formats we manufacture and commercialize, according to the demands of customers.

We comply with the most exigent certifications

Our third party packaging service covers a wide range of food products, being able to package all those that fit with the formats we manufacture and commercialize, being able to adjust to customer requirements.

We have the certification IFS Food (International Featured Standard Food) Embotelladores Autorizados y Planta Envasadora de la D.O.P. Vinagre de Jerez (Authorized Bottlers and Packing Plant of the Appellation of Origin Sherry Vinegar) and certificate of Packers of Ecological Products.

IFS Food (International Featured Standard Food)

The fact of having this certificate guarantees that our products and processes comply with the highest quality, safety and hygiene food requirements.
In our daily activity, we analyse each and every one of the production stages with the intention of obtaining the best product for the client; from the origin of the material until the process of packaging and sealing.
In addition, we regularly carry out quality training sessions with workers to ensure the strictest compliance with regulations.

Authorized Bottlers and Bottling Plant of the Appellation of Origin Sherry Vinegar

Our experience in this packaging sector has enabled us to be recognised and certified as Authorised Packers of the Protected Appellation of Origin Sherry Vinegar. In this way, both the raw material and the packaging processes that we carry out, comply with the standards of regulatory organizations and the most demanding palates.

Certificate of Packers of Organic Virgin Olive Oil

This certification guarantees that our packaging process has gone through an exhaustive quality and hygiene control and is valid for the packaging of organic virgin olive oil.

We comply with and follow the process that involves all the agents involved in the production of this special extra virgin olive oil, ending the chain that the producer begins.

Do you need some help or do you want a budget?

In Envasados Productos Salud we will be pleased to attend you and resolve your doubts and to offer you the best service, suitable for your demands and products.

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