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Manufacturer of Miniature Pet Bottle

Personalize your brand!

In Envasados Productos Salud we are dedicated to the manufacture of miniature PET bottles with the highest level of customization for our customers according to the desired indications: color, shape and measurements.

We deliver the product to your facilities: the miniature PET bottles chosen for your brand or with the packaged and finished product. You decide!

Manufacture of Personalized Designs

In Envasados Productos Salud we can manufacture your own custom packaging design, giving exclusivity and added value to your brand.

Standard design manufacturing

The standard sizes we work with are 15, 20 and 30 ml marasca and 25 ml dórica, being able to choose the colour you like best: different ranges of green, ochre, black, white… An exclusive colour for you.

Model: Marasca
Size: 15, 20, 30 ml

Model: Dórica
Size: 25 ml

Advantages of miniature PET Bottles

  • It is a product with a great rotation, as it is fast consumption.
  • The personalization of the image allows the final customer to quickly identify the brand.
  • They have a great quality-price ratio.
  • Like all our products, these formats comply with the most demanding quality standards.
  • You will benefit from all the advantages of this material: it is 100% recyclable, has great resistance and maintains the organoleptic properties of the product.
fabricacion botellas pet monodosis miniatura personalizado individual salsas aceite vinagretas

Do you need some help or do you want a budget?

In Envasados Productos Salud we will be pleased to attend you and resolve your doubts and to offer you the best service, suitable for your demands and products.

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