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Sherry Vinegar, a unique and inimitable vinegar, ideal for exporting!

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Sherry Vinegar is the first wine vinegar with Appellation of Origin in Spain. This unique and inimitable product has become a product with an unstoppable progression in both the national and international markets.

Sherry Vinegar, ideal for export

The United States has become an important focus of its consumption, leaving a good taste in the mouth to the Jerez winemaker. The internationalisation and export of sherry vinegar from the Palomino, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel grape varieties grown in the Jerez region is already a reality that is becoming more and more consolidated each year.

Part of its exclusivity lies in the care and dedication of the winemakers in their production process, going through different ageing scales until they reach the oldest scale, called solera, a genuine and prolonged ageing that can last for years. It is situated between six months and two years of ageing, in oak barrels, which explains the richness and high aromatic concentration and its inimitable organoleptic characteristics that characterise Sherry vinegar.

Exports to countries such as the United States, Japan and Europe such as France and the United Kingdom benefit the bottling sales. The appropriate package for the international market is the single-dose PET bottles with a capacity from 10 ml to 125 ml.

In Envasados Productos Salud we are experts in the manufacture and packaging of single-dose sachets, jars and PET bottles for the marketing of Sherry vinegar to foreign markets.

As Authorized Bottlers and Packaging Plant of the Protected A.O. Sherry Vinegar, we ensure that the quality standards of Sherry vinegar reach the final consumer in perfect condition to delight the most demanding palates.

Would you like to export your sherry vinegar to the international

market in the appropriate format for marketing and consumption?

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